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tv   [untitled]    September 25, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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right those are live pictures of from us plain tension mounds in madrid assassins of so-called spanish indignant that's against lines of right means guarding the country's pomp. a series of blasts that had a military academy in the syrian capital damascus with rebels claiming responsibility for the bombing. president obama makes another
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time to distance the u.s. from the controversial video which outrage lou is the world as he takes center stage at the u.n. general assembly. the water gun games of japan the planes battleship real repelling taiwanese vessels from the speech of the islands with water cannons. it's nine pm here in moscow you're watching r t m to bum would say first the spanish paula mentallo small local fortress today complete with hundreds of riot police manning barry kids as a sea of protesters converged on the building thousands from a hospital and have descended on the top of two income the nation of the government conduct during the financial crisis those are live pictures that we're going to
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cross over to jacob greaves who's in the madrid with more. these crowds of really being swelling in those recently has been a heavy police presence so they've managed to quarter off sections surrounding the pole but making sure no one can get towards that building that any of the any official has left part of it so far being met by. boost by the mass crowd numbering in the thousands now nine hundred spain indeed off a million when it comes to mass them a sure ations opposed to the austerity measures currently being implemented by the government but this is different it's been dubbed occupy progress we spoke to some of the organizers behind this event and they say this very peaceful in nature she physically will take progress by storm but what they do want to do is surround the building really make sure their message is getting through opposed to austerity opposed to some of the cuts to health care jobs the salaries that have been
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invented by the current administration now so it's a many of those here today and they say that patience is really running out they are willing to grant a bit of leeway to this relatively new administration headed by president brought forward but now they want some action and they want some changes take place they also think the administration should be tackling the wrong area so they targeted the so-called ninety nine percent those who are probably more susceptible exposed to cuts to health care education and salaries and they also fear that spain is going down a very similar path to that of greece that it comes to tackling this financial crisis left bear in mind here that spain has the worst unemployment rate in the whole of the eurozone about twenty five percent of the population and when you look at the crowd amassed here today when you see just how much was the use of the nation of course the spanish administration does have a job see they need to cut the deficit down safely they plan to do that by eighty
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three billion dollars by two thousand and fourteen below show doing all of that we have the potential for spain to have to see a similar bailout to that which greece portugal and on and all forced to swallow. now those live pictures we're watching some of the protesters demands other. called to a sanity and the dissolution of parliament by journalist and author miguel anselmo radha says for that to happen in the in date men to meet and object to. the same indignados ring digging a movement which a year and a half ago was very successful in bringing out industry stance of thousands of people and not exactly against something very specific but against the way which politics are done the way i mean the lack of transparency that i call them ocracy the fact that important decisions are not consulted with the people they said they had a huge success but it was shortly fixed he sold out very quickly practically because
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their demands were too huge were too vague also it would be people out to trade probably thousands of people so yes there are sangar their service and rants against the government the spanish government is trying to resist dimes because they know it's some popular but i'm afraid they will probably bowed to the to the dictates of brussels once again and we'll have more maybe tax racers and old that sort of thing. where we're watching these live pictures from madrid and as you can see the police and the protesters have set a tea just kind of take into each other they would see police grabbing some of the protesters you seem to be using their batons they seem to be a little bit of chaos going on around and some people just holding up their hand saying let's just do this peacefully please grabbing some other people they obviously leading them away to try to keep the peace. mall it's just it's it's
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it's obviously getting a little bit out of hand with the police trying to keep calm. and some of the protests and they just trying to say we're here to protest. but i do keep you posted on what's happening in madrid as bullets and things. and they say in process the. graham we look at how the lack of economic recovery elsewhere in europe is threatening to set back the lives of for years to come new study in britain suggests no and incomes will win the away and leave people poorer in the future than there ever even been today the basis of a start. two powerful explosions have rocked a military academy in the syrian capital of damascus rebel groups have claimed responsibility saying they are responding to military operations in the city a middle east correspondent policia is keeping across developments. well on tuesday
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morning there were two explosive devices that were planted in the martyr's son's school a military school in the syrian capital of damascus now from the information we have the devices were planted in two separate areas they ruptured causing fire to those parts of the building it's not hit clear the exact number of casualties we certainly hearing that a number of people have been injured the early reports that scores of people have been injured and killed we know that fire did erupt in two separate parts of the building and also early reports of an explosion near the airport it is believed that the attack was carried out because it was suspected that there were intelligence officers or security officers inside the building now two rebel groups have come forward to take responsibility for this attack the one is the revolutionary council in damascus that has links with al qaida it is a group that is seeking the overthrow of the syrian president bashar assad a group that is also against dialogue and in a statement that it issued it's said that this attack was in response to the syrian
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army's operations in the syrian capital and now for months there have been fighting between the syrian troops as well as opposition forces in the capital city of damascus as well as in the country's second largest city of aleppo the fighting has continued since last year march for the daily casualty count continuing to climb. the rebels' leg of their trials of syrians anyway so it's safe for them to admit terrorism says dr ali mohammed editor in chief of the syrian tribe you need a channel. well it's only suggests that they are not shy anymore about their actual terrorist nature these guys have been blaming the government for everything since nobody believes them anymore it seems that they decided to claim responsibility and the second thing is that this should have a great impact on the public opinion in syria and it did long ago because everybody knows that it's terrible that our bombing the question is going to affect the
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opinions of powerful powers like the u.s. and nato nations the attack in damascus comes amid a major international gathering in new york where the ongoing crisis in syria is among the main topics being tackled. following the un general assembly meeting. well u.s. president barack obama addressed the international body and with respect to syria the u.s. leader said the regime of bashar al assad must come to an end when referencing syria president obama said that the international community must be engaged to assure that what began as citizens demanding their rights does not end in a cycle of sectarian violence now as we've been reporting over the past year and a half the u.s. and its western allies have been fiercely pushing and campaigning for for regime change for bashar al assad to step down and the u.s. and europeans have been supporting the opposition but the reality of the ground on
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the ground in syria is just getting worse as a matter of fact joint special envoy lakhdar brahimi just briefed the security council a day ago on the circumstance against syria he said it is going from bad to worse right now there's no new plans in place on how to scale down the violence and how to lead both sides to a peaceful path in addition to syria president obama spoke very heavily about the anti-american demonstrations that are blazing through the muslim world demonstrations that were sparked on september eleventh when he addressed the matter of this muslim video that was made in the u.s. and posted on you tube he calls it a crude and disgusting video that sparked outrage of the muslim world he said the u.s. government had nothing to do with that video and does not endorse that video in any way as a matter of fact u.s. officials have condemned it. on the left there's no video you know words that can justify. on u.s.
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embassies or consulates or the killing of an american ambassador and three other american officials in the view of u.s. president barack obama he believes that it's. extremists that are co-opting the anger that is the frustrations that is being shown towards the u.s. and that is what inciting more of this anti-american sentiment but it's interesting to point out that present. obama in his speech was talking about how the u.s. has helped or supported many countries such as tunisia egypt libya and yemen supported the rights of the people that's what he said but the irony is that we've seen these things anti merican demonstrations taking place in those countries so the matter is is this just about a video or is this about u.s. foreign policy. we'll be back with more often a short break stay with us. looters
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that takes your breath away a few tourists travel to these paul it's no prepackaged comfort but they joy is the wildest guaranteed if gagne's a zoology professor he works in the u.s. and travels to these remote areas in russia every summer as he says he confines untouched landscapes like these anywhere else in the world. we're going off the list below sea line. if i go in the wrong the wrong and surprise you will go straight to the water and so we did our plan to get closer to the sea lion and shake its flipper failed. one animal whose par you definitely wouldn't want to shake here is the brown bear you can literally spot agrees the here by every small weaver. where the bears are they have a very well be able to think i will have to keep an eye
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a wind direction at. them and both uphill that could be dangerous so we won't go yes we shall but people require. it. and quiet we went but the wind was not on our side and the bear got away and they're usually the first to avoid contact with humans but during spawning time when both people and bears go fishing people often shoot at them to scare them away and every year here in the region you hear about someone being killed by the predators. but at the mugger down nature reserve where we are no one disturbs the bears peanuts another local resident to haiti's peace being disturbed here is the howlers eagle in has a wingspan of two and a half meters ignace only here in russia far east because of the bundles of salmon and sea gulls which feed the giant bird in his studies if gainey focuses on birds
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so he took me to one of his favorite places here mara island it has the biggest colony of seagulls in the region. the climb up was tough. but the prize was worth it. if there was no security here it would be no reason there you will have tons of people coming here out just to get some for only on the beach here nothing is guaranteed you have to struggle to get your piece of bread there is nothing really all you can. predict you have to rely on yourself a few bucks. or so we're going to have to be the bat. maybe for the wildlife here is the lack of physical or is this for the better but when you stand on top of fanaa and like this you just cantelupe wanting to share the beauty.
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wealthy british style. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's culture the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. sacred laboratory to mukherjee was able to build a news most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything turns mission to teach creation why it should care about human to embrace this is why you should care only on the dog.
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you're back with us good to have you with us not japan's soft words full action in its territorial dispute with china and taiwan to using water cannons to repel approaching taipei vessels in contested waters allows for a tell all fishing boats backed by eight coast ships will also retreat from the region talking a consider it's a archies a tumble out and takes us through. dispute between japan and china over the islands in the east china sea has now expanded to include taiwan it all began when a taiwanese flotilla of fishing boats escorted by coast guard vessels set off to try and reinforce their claim to the islands however when they met with the japanese coast guard vessel something of a giant water fight ensued. in the area surrounding the disputed islands the
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japanese coast guard vessels use their water cannon on the taiwanese fishing boats the thai were nice coast guard vessels then turned their water cannon on the japanese ships a few hours after it all started the taiwanese vessels withdrew but all of this was watched by nearby chinese vessels that were waiting outside of the disputed waters the islands themselves are a small group of unpopulated rocky outcrops attention really began after it was thought that there may be large mineral resources in the surrounding waters japan has been holding meetings with china to try and calm the dispute this latest tension began after japan bought the islands from a private owner and nationalize them that cause huge protests in a number of chinese cities china has made it clear that that japan should be under no illusion in the dispute and that it will accept no infringement it says of what
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it considers its territorial integrity taiwan japan and china all claim the islands as their own and there are other players including the us that have security interests in the region domestic politics in both china and japan are due to undergo large changes in the coming months and that puts pressure on the leaders there to show that they are not backing down all of which has led to fears that this dispute over these small islands could lead to some very big consequences. cia drone strikes in pakistan are having a devastating impact on civilians this is according to a new american study the reports are just the attacks are claimed to be surgically precised do little to improve u.s. security tell greyson an end to drone activists and filmmakers says the drone campaign only in poznan surges see in a supposed to confront i actually think the us and
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a lot of the people back me up on this need to actually take a back step and let pakistan deal with its all issues within its own territory and stop trying to create more problems because the drone strikes are just creating you know a lot more radicalization of young people in the tribal areas civilians are classed as over and a lot of the time i think that there's no indication as to who is actually being killed but it's not in the interests of the us try gentrify civilian victims because by killing civilians they're going against a lot of their own legislation and and when they are killing insurgents you know these are alleged insurgents and you know it's basically innocent until proven guilty you know a lot of these people haven't been to court. recovery and prosperity may european promise with a catch the snag being years of austerity and cuts but in britain if you're in the
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bottom half of the household income chart it looks like you don't have much to look forward to financially either way our desire for us describes an economic recovery that may leave many behind. britain's in the midst of a double dip recession and everybody is feeling the pinch or are they telling the research survey oh the gap between britain's rich and poor is widening in fact if you're one of the middle income or low income families in the way to tighten your belt even further it's so that by twenty twenty an average low income family could see their net income fall by as much as fifteen percent i think is really worrying for low income households because it shows that we don't just have a growth problem if you like and you. even once growth of quicken households across the bottom half are going to be poor in twenty twenty than they were in twenty that it was so alarming about this latest research is that it's based on very generous assumptions about the future growth in britain what that means is that even if
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person manages to repeat and see you get this piece to the economy it starts slowly dragging its way out of this recession not everybody is going to benefit and the ones who are going to be hardest hit going to be those middle income and low income families now in an age of austerity britain's government's been accused of waging war on britain's poor chancellor george osborne wants to cut a further ten billion from the welfare budget again having that knock on effect to middle income low income families who need the support the most. right and let's go back to our breaking news story this hour the protests in madrid have given way to violence as ranks of riot police charging into crowds of demonstrators we're seeing some brutal scenes yeah as police charge out into the thousand strong crowds of demonstrators beating and arresting very see it certainly looks like the police are taking a hardline approach towards some of the protesters just to remind you people who
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are crossers plane travel to the capital for today's demonstration to show their anger against the government's handling of the financial plight. thousands of protesters from across spain have surrounded the country's parliament taunting injuring and passing deputies voicing their anger against the government and the price is policies namely drastic cuts and soaring jobless rate among peoples demands our complete halt to a ceratin and the dissolution of parliament. ride with keeping a close eye on the events unfolding in the dredge as you can see armored previously in arm again. charging into purchases percent of the point is needed saying stand back stand back don't charge in. thousands of activists began
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congregate in madrid plaza to let you just a hundred meters from the congress building the protest spanish austerity measures . right let's join terry now on the business desk kitty dreidels the green screens have now turned red over on wall street was that yeah quite a different color spectrum now to have a really in the last twenty minutes or so and that's because the subtle was of bank of philadelphia president charles paul also said that the central bank's new bond buying program probably world growth of course was we can see investors are reacting a lot the sound of that out also those early guys by the better than estimated housing data and consumer confidence and now they are rising check out the european stocks because they closed before these comments were made it was a wobbly performance as i say provides the u.s.
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doubts being were villes if we look at the european markets and place and as i say really we had oil they were tracking energy prices. and we're also going to check out the. you know as well because that does continue heading north a common currency to us for the russian currency it managed to finish up higher against the basket of cars is on the page you can see it was a mixed performance we did see the first green car in three days and that was because of those high oil prices. we have are those currents as well for those holiday makers all those for ex traders as you can see the year i continue and it's a must the market's been our be back in about fifteen minutes have a lot going on in the financial world as you say with madrid it's all going on you know we'll be keeping a close eye on what's happening in madrid thanks for that update. right now let's cross over to washington and the latest addition of lower in the capital account.
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wealthy british scientists are. sometimes. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. courageous and creative. elegance and full and public speaking. for. a few european bodybuilders against millions of
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weak immigrants. these may not seem so serious now. but this could be a real threat to. european extremists. the french invasion of russia has started again after two hundred years up at the. sub jet be in for a napoleon has arrived from overseas to lead the army i have to really take my time to prepare myself to get it right i know. the bloody battle near moscow is going to start over. james brown will reveal the victor the soldiers are back
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to do it all again. but you know version twenty twelve on r.t. .
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good afternoon and welcome to capital account i'm lauren lyster here in washington d.c. these are your headlines for monday september twenty fourth two thousand and twelve the best was once credited with what came to be known as the great moderation decades of remarkably strong and steady economic growth coupled with persistently low inflation but looking at today's era of fed policy would be best described by
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this. i'm talking about the great old levitation our guest jim graham founder and publisher of grant's interest rate observer will explain and as the euro zone crisis reportedly spooks markets germany continues to be the thorn on the side of the money changers germany reportedly says leveraging the e.s.m. to two trillion dollars is not realistic and after the buddhist bank voted against unlimited bond buying remember president gave a speech recently warning about money printing plugging gold as a medium of exchange a very interesting we'll talk to our guest about it plus what happens when j.p. morgan's bullish i phone five g.d.p. forecast collides with fed ex is.


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